Zoho Alternatives CRM: Save 51% to 93% - Side By Side Comparison

Debating Zoho or Ninjodo?

Here's a full side-by-side comparison for you to easily choose your winner CRM

Automating Your Business

Lead and Sales Tracking and Workflow Management - Ninjodo

Let Ninjodo capture leads for you, then automatically nurture and follow up.

Ninjodo - Small Business Operation Software

Capture Lead Information Directly from your Website

Beautifully designed, conversion optimised forms

Customisable Workflows

available on all plans

(starting at US$25/m per user)​

Workflow Automation

Tasks Reminders

Open Email Tracking

Managing Your Leads and Clients

Beautiful, clean, easy to navigate contact records. Automatically updated for you.

Manage Contact Screen In Ninjodo
Ninjodo - Small Business Operation Software

Creation of Contacts Manually

One Click Savings of Contacts from Inbox 

Mass Import Contacts from External Sources 

Easy DIY Spreadsheet Importer or Xero


Capture Contacts through Forms

Can Group and Segment

Automatically Find Additional Contact Information

with Ninjodo smart search

Store every Interaction with a Contact

Add and Move Contacts throughout a Workflow

Send Contacts Invites for Events

Tracking Sales

Tracking Sales with Ninjodo vs Zoho

Quickly see your pipeline and how you're trending, then drill-down when you want to.

Ninjodo - Small Business Operation Software

Customisable Deal Templates

Track Sales by Referral Source

Track Revenue, Expenses and Profit

Full Project History (project description and requirements

Create custom Tasks, Events, Todo's and Assign to Different Team Members

Ability to Clone Deals

Create Recurring Deals (Subscriptions, etc.)

available on all plans

Can mimic with custom functions

(starting at US$40/m per user)

Total Deals in Pipeline, Deals Won or Lost

Total Profit from Last Month and this Month

Tracking Related Emails by Saving to Deals Page

Add attachments to Deals

Email 2.0

Conquer your inbox once and for all with smart filters, Side-By-Side viewing, and easy access templates.

Ninjodo - Email 2.0 - Side-by-Side Replies
Ninjodo - Small Business Operation Software

Email Integration

entire inbox within platform eg Gmail, Office 365 or own mail 

have to use Zoho Mail 

(starting at US$25/m per user)

Time-Saving Quick Filters

Bulk Emailing

Customisable Email Signatures

Customisable Email Templates for all Contacts

templates are record specific

Email from any Screen on Platform

Save Emails to any Contact Page

sent emails get saved automatically

Read Email Tracking

Save New Contacts from Incoming Emails right from within the Inbox

Staying on Top of Things

View phone calls, meetings, reminders all in one place. Create new tasks and send invites.

Ninjodo - Small Business Operation Software

Customisable Tasks Types

Assign Tasks to other Team Members

Send Meeting Invites to Clients

Receive Emails with Complete List of Task due Today every Morning

Can Sync Tasks with Google Calendar

Automated follow up and customer tracking through custom workflows

How about the other apps you love?

Google Apps

Ninjodo - Gmail Integration
Ninjodo - Google Calendar Integration
Ninjodo - Google Drive Integration
Ninjodo - Small Business Operation Software


Ability to do the basic: send, receive, reply, forward, delete, send and receive attachments, etc.

send, receive and attachments

Full Gmail Search Options

Quick filtering by known contacts, real people or distractions

Google Calendar

Sync all Tasks to Google Calendar

Send Invites to people associated to Tasks through Google Calendar

Google Drive

Attach from Google Drive to Deals and Projects

Upload files directly from your computer to Google Drive while attaching to Deals and Projects


Ninjodo - MailChimp Integration
Ninjodo - Small Business Operation Software

Import all your MailChimp Subscribers

Complete list syncing control to choose which lists get synced and which ones don't

Ability to turn your basic Subscribers into full Contact Records (with photos, social media profiles, company info, custom groupings etc).

with Ninjodo smart search

Campaign Syncing

See all your Campaign and Automation Emails Synced with your Contact History

Track Click through Rates and Open Rates

Bulk Emailing Subscribers


Ninjodo - Xero Integration
Ninjodo - Small Business Operation Software

Integrates with Xero

connector available through 3rd vendor for additional cost

Create, Email, Open and Download Xero Invoices from within Platform

Full Line Item Control on your Invoicing

Automatic Syncing of Updated Xero Invoices

Fully Supported With Ninjodo

Ninjodo - Small Business Operation Software

Over the phone support

upon request

same priority on all plans

priority on higher paid plans

Ticketing System

same priority on all plans

priority on higher paid plans

Live Chat

available on all plans

Free Onboarding Call

available on all plans

Knowledgebase Articles Accessible from within Platform

available on all plans

Your Pricing Options
Save a staggering 51% - 93%

Ninjodo - Small Business Operation Software

Free Trial

includes all features,integrations and support

free version available with very limited functions

Rates Starting from

A$29/m - up to 2 users

billed monthly  -includes integrations, support, all features (except forms)

US$15/m per user 

billed monthly - only standard features

Rates Up to

A$149/m - up to 20 users

billed monthly  -includes all features, integrations and support

US $100/m per user 

billed annually - includes ultimate features

The cost for a 5 user Company per Month

A$49 or US$36.88

all features

Save Up To $463 p/mth

US$75 to US$500

standard to ultimate features

The cost for a 10 users Company per Month

A$99 or US$74.52

all features

Save Up To $925 p/mth

US$150 to US$1000

standard to ultimate features

See why others made the switch


It's already jumped ahead of Sugar / Capsule / OnePageCrm...

Overall the process was pretty seamless. I was able to get the account up and running really quickly, and start making some changes to reflect how I want to use it ... looking forward to getting my newbie sales guys into it to see how they go 🙂

...from my point of view - it's already jumped ahead of Sugar / Capsule / OnePageCrm.

Matt Richter , Fishspace

10 out of 10 from us!

This product is fantastic for our busy agency! We researched extensively to find a CRM system to suit our business needs and were thrilled to find Ninjodo. We can manage our emails with templates that streamline our workflow, keep on top of all our current and completed bookings and generate invoices seamlessly through the Xero Integration. With the ability to link messages and track tasks, we are never in the position of something “falling through the cracks”. All of this helps us to improve our responsiveness and service to our clients which is the most important thing.
10 out of 10 from us!

Sandie Fraser , Booking Agent

Easy to use

As a Mortgage Broker running my business at 200 km per hour, it was easy for me to lose track of what deals/clients I was working on, and their urgency. Thanks to Ninjodo I now feel that I have a birds eye view of all my clients & activities. I'm loving the order & control I now have in the Business and the beauty is, it's very easy to use.

George Stoimenovski , Mortgage Broker

Being a business consultant, I use and recommend Ninjodo to many of my small business clients to help them get the structure and order in their businesses they need. It helps them achieve more sales revenue and to automate many areas of their businesses.

Sean Soole , Business Consultant

Choose the phase you're ready for...


Building Foundations

Revenue Goal:

  • check
    Up to 5 Users
  • check
    5000 Contacts
  • check
    Ninjodo Forms
  • check
    Standard Workflows
  • Email Sequences

$49 / month


Experiencing Growth


Revenue Goal:
$300 - $500k

  • check
    Up to 10 Users
  • check
    Unlimited Contacts
  • check
    Ninjodo Forms
  • check
    Automated Workflows
  • Email Sequences

$99 / month


Rapid Growth & Acceleration

Revenue Goal:

  • check
    Up to 20 Users
  • check
    Unlimited Contacts
  • check
    Ninjodo Forms
  • check
    Automated Workflows
  • Email Sequences

$149 / month

If you feel you're just not ready to adopt a strong growth model in your business, we offer a lower level plan:
$29 p/mth, Up to 2 Users, 1000 Contacts, and Unlimited Sales Tracking. Yes, please.

Frequently asked questions

There's no such thing a stupid question

How does the 14 day free trial work?

You can use Ninjodo absolutely free for 14 days, after which point you'll be asked to provide your credit card details. Keep all your data, just upgrade and you're set.

What happens when I need help?

Every plan comes with unlimited online support as well as access to training videos, how-to guides & tutorials so you'll never feel stuck or overwhelmed.

What about all my Zoho data?

We've got you covered. ​You can import all your contacts, companies, sales and even note history using our easy import tool at no extra cost.

Is that the price per user per month?

No. The price you pay for your plan is for your whole business. Each plan allows you to have a number of users depending on how big or small you are.

Can I change plans if I want to?

Yes absolutely. As your business changes, so does what you need. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan any time, ready for the next month.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No. Ninjodo is a pay as you go monthly agreement so there's no lock-in contracts. You can use Ninjodo as long as you like.