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What’s Better Than Before: Notes, Email & Workflows

There are periods where you simply need to be head down and getting s#!% done. During these times you can feel like you are just spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere.

The great part is though, that once you get to the other side, you get to see the impact all your hard work has produced.

This is I guess why you and I love what we do 🙂

So that’s being said…

New with Notes

More Specific:    We’ve added the time to all notes (instead of just the date) to give you a more accurate recording of your history

More To Show:  We made it easier to review the contact history by removing the summary view of notes. You can see all emails & phone calls entirely without needing to do anything extra



Faster:   We’ve increased page speed by limiting how much history you need at first.

Note Grouping:   You now have easier search control by being able to load notes grouped by time (the last 3 months, 6 months, or Everything)

Keyword Highlighting:   And when you’re looking for something specific, you get keyword highlighting so you can see exactly what you’re looking for



Smarter Editor:   The email editor has been updated to remove some pesky behaviours.

Keep The History:  Full email history is now kept in replies, while not clogging up your note history with multiple copies of the same emails

New Attachment Loader:   Add as many attachments as you need to your email quickly and easily


Inline Images:   If someone has sent you screenshots or pretty pictures, you can see them right inside your email reader


Save A Copy:  Sometime you need to save an email from or to a supplier or person about someone who isn’t included in the email. No worries, simply add their name and click save




Workflow Automation

Super Long Reminders:  Having tasks & reminders automatically set during your sales and workflows are great, but what about when you need a follow up reminder for 90 days or even 1 year away to get in touch with a customer to secure a new order, or just say thanks for being with you for so long?

You can now set reminders WAYYYYYYYY into the future automatically in your Sales & Workflow Automation.


There’s a lot more coming soon. Keep an eye out for our MailChimp Automation announcement 😉

About the Author

Simon Ogilvie-Lee, Founder & CEO of Ninjodo.