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What’s Better Than Before: Deleting, Speed, Emails, Tasks & More

Holy crap! Is that really the date already? Man time is flying but I’m making it count. Are you?

To help you along, we’ve been squirreling away as usual and fine tuning this beautiful piece of awesomeness.

Here is what’s new & improved since we last spoke:

New LightSpeed!!!

New Servers:  Nobody likes to be kept waiting, for anything. To help you with this one, we now operate on super fast, local servers. This means you’re getting everything (search results, tasks, viewing customers, sending emails) happening as fast as possible.


New With Contacts & Companies

Better Postcode Searching:  Ever tried to find all your customers in a particular area? Well now you can! You can now grab all your suppliers, customers, & partners in a specific postcode or even in several postcodes to get a greater region. Fantastic for sales calls and meetings when you’re out and about or for marketing to a particular area.

Deleting!!!!! Yes that’s right you heard me correct, the one you’ve been waiting for. You can now delete both companies and contacts from your account both individually & in bulk! So if you make a mistake who cares, just delete it 🙂


New With Tasks & Emails

Multi-Day Events: You can now have tasks run for as long as they need to with full control over the end date. This also fully integrates with Google Calendar.

Attachments When Forwarding: You now have the option to include none, some or all attachments in an email when forwarding


Smart Recognition of Participants: If you have a group conversation running via email and need to save a copy of the email to multiple contacts, it is now just 1 click away. Got 10 people in the conversation? Still just 1 click to save that email to everyone.

Contacts on Projects or Deals:  When you have a sale or project to create, it’s not always just with one person, sometimes you need to see all the people in the puzzle. Now you can add them in a snap as you create the deal.


There’s a lot more to tell you about, so keep an eye out in the coming days for more on MailChimp, VoIP integration (Yes that’s right, phone calls inside Ninjodo) & a whole heap more

About the Author

Simon Ogilvie-Lee, Founder & CEO of Ninjodo.