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Ninjodo Platform Update: More For People, Companies & Deals

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In this video we get to take a look at the release of the new People, Company & Deal list pages.

This release continues the rollout of the new platform and actually get us to a very exciting tipping point. With the majority of the pages (or screens) being swapped over now, we are in a position to do something very cool with accessing Ninjodo from mobile devices. More to come on that soon 🙂

You’ll also notice significant improvements in the speed of things, such as; searching, pages loading etc

The changes we will cover in the video specifically include:

  • What’s changed?
    • Simplified & consolidated search fields
    • Number of records showing by default
    • New Action menus for bulk actions like emailing, importing, deleting and exporting of mailing lists
    • Updated stat boxes on deals
  • What’s new?
    • Ability to sort records by Name, Recently Added and Recently Updated
    • Search both People and Deals based on referral partners (VERY POWERFUL)
    • The look and feel of course
  • How to:
    • effectively use search
    • analyse your contacts & deal activity
    • measure the effectiveness of your marketing channels
  • Find out which people are great sources of referrals for you and how much business they’ve actually brought in

I’ll let the video speak for itself, total watch time is about 10mins.

If you need any additional help or have any questions or suggestions be sure to either fire through a chat on this page or a ticket through to the help desk if you’re already logged into Ninjodo.


About the Author

Simon Ogilvie-Lee, Founder & CEO of Ninjodo.