The senseis

We never stop learning and growing together

About us

Ninjodo was founded by Simon in Australia. The name as you guessed it, is the combination of ninja and jodo, two things that work together to become masterful. So is the entrepreneurs journey. Our team, our clients, or our client's clients, we all train, grow, learn and collaborate together as professionals pursuing one view of life, Don't work harder, find a better way to work.

Our Values

Family, kids, lifestyle. Be wherever you want to be, and do whatever keeps you feeling charged. Commit to high quality work. Never stop learning and investing in yourself. Work smarter not harder. No need to look busy, hit the target and go home! We WIN, when our clients’ CLIENT WINS. It’s the right choice when THEIR CLIENT has the best experience.

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The senseis behind the scene

Simon Ogilvie-Lee

CEO & Founder

Simon gets excited about anything business and tech related with an awesome get up and go personality. Loves his 2 little ones more than anything. His favourite movie is the Matrix. His latest secret base is in Vienna. shhh.

Alina Shamuratova

Ninjodo Sensei

With a background in teaching, and being multilingual, Alina is has knack for seeing the forest for the trees and an impressive cook. She has two mini-mes and is Simon's right hand woman in Vienna.

Mary Anne Laracochea

Customer Happiness

Every company has a go to person - Mary Anne is the one to answer all the questions and more. She's also a busy mum of one based in the Philippines. She likes reading fiction and self-development books, listening to audiobooks, and watching her favorite TV series.

Eva Lau

Creative Ninja

With agency, ecommerce & saas background, Eva gets butterflies whenever you talk about architecture, colour psychology or latest in tech. Her latest craze is building a green house sanctuary in the yard. Based in Sydney with two little kiddies. 

We're all different but the same

Different countries, different accents but we find the team share alot in common. We get excited about anything digital and technology related. We love being part of a team and rely on each other to make dynamic results which we can take pride in. We are multi-skilled - business, tech, design, consulting, development, name your passion.

We're hiring

We've recently begun growing our team and are currently looking for 2 motivated and passionate sales/business development reps to help ramp things up in our web agency division. If you are interested but have a different talent feel free to reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

Say hello, have a chat if you're interested to find out more.