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Ninjodo Platform Update: People, Companies & Deals are now live

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Video Transcript:

In this video I want to let you know about a major change with Ninjodo and why it matters to you.

If you’re a Ninjodo user then you’d already be aware that we started rolling out the new Ninjodo platform earlier in the year.

And you might be wondering, why did we start doing that?

It’s because every day we get enquiries from small business owners who are feeling stuck in their business, feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and out of their depth, and just generally stressed.

When all they need is a little point in the right direction, and the right tools to help them execute.

Because doesn’t it feel great when you’re actually enjoying your business, when things feel fun and rewarding cause you’re making progress. When you’re on top of things and get everything you had planned done and decide to knock off early to spend time with the family or head down to the beach for the afternoon?

We all have our reasons for why we started our businesses, but I’d hazard a guess that you started yours for exactly the same reason I did.

When it all boils down, we want

that sense of freedom and we want to be happy.


So that question again,

Why does Ninjodo exist and why did I decide to rebuild it from the ground up?

Whenever we get feedback from you, our loyal fans, we typically hear the same few things:

  1. You love how we’re so much more than your average CRM
  2. You love how simple and user friendly Ninjodo is
  3. and you love that you no longer have anything falling through the cracks, you’re not leaving money on the table from lost deals

When you have a tool like Ninjodo, you get to massively cut down the 40% of your time that you spend doing admin every single day.

Whether you’re just getting started with your first 1 or 2 leads, or you’re going gang busters and with 40 clients in your sales funnel and 20 others working their way through you workfow, you’ve got it all covered.

And when new enquiries are coming in, you get notified instantly so they’re on your radar.

And that is exactly why we started rebuilding Ninjodo from the ground up?

To make it the simpliest, easiest, fastest and most powerful client acquisition and management tool for small business owners

To leave you to do what you do best and work on your business.

So today I want to let you know about the 3 new pages now available in the new Ninjodo platform. They are, your People, Companies & Deals.

About the Author

Simon Ogilvie-Lee, Founder & CEO of Ninjodo.