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4 Simple Action Steps To Convert More Leads Into Clients

Have you ever thought about where you’d be in 12 months time if instead of trying to get more leads, you learnt how to convert more leads in clients?

No matter how many small business owners I speak to, the general consensus tends to be, “Business is going great, but if I just had more leads…”.

But, you ask that same person who many leads they convert into sales and you get answers like 1 in every 5, or heaven forbid, 10.

What I’ve found to produce a FAR greater result, both now and in the long run is getting better at converting the leads you already have.

Why? Let’s do some quick napkin math…(I’ll keep it simple for illustrative purposes)

Say you have 10 leads on the go (that’s people interested in whatever your core offering is).

And on any given week or month you’re pretty good at converting 2 of them into clients. Great!

Now let’s say you want to grow your business or cashflow. You need more clients or sales to do that. What are your options?

Option A) Go and get 10 more leads and convert another 2 customers, OR

Option B) Get better at converting your leads so you can convert 4 leads out of every 10 into customers.

Which one to do you think pays off better in both the short term AND long term? Hint: The one that doesn’t require you to learn how to generate more leads.

Now we’ll add one more number into the mix, your average revenue per customer (let’s go with $2500) and then see what happens if you get 10 leads per month over the course of 12 months.

Which Would Your Prefer?

$ 0
$ 0

It becomes pretty clear right?

OBVIOUSLY you’d go with Option B – Better Conversions.

Option B has a massive list of benefits:

  • Cheaper marketing
  • Cheaper cost-of-acquisition
  • Cheaper leads
  • Higher average revenue per lead
  • Higher sales and revenue overall

PLUS, by converting more leads, you get more clients, which means more testimonials, which in turn helps convert more clients again. So you actually get better and getting better…Yay! for exponential returns right?

OK, so how do you go about getting better at converting leads?

Most people think they need to become some sales gun, or hammer the phones and “push for the close”. Pictures of sleezy car salesman come to light.

But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, these days doing anything remotely like that just kills you dead in the water.

If you hadn’t noticed already, there’s a MASSIVE turn back towards person-to-person relationships. How things used to be. Good o’l fashion, genuine people helping each other out.

Things like talking over the phone, video calls, extra special gifts to make people feel like you actually care and that you’re not out to make a quick buck. These are all things that fall under the category of building brand loyalty.

In addition to this article, I highly recommend reading up on Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos. He literally wrote an entire book on how brand loyalty and the culture around it built their success.

For now though, let’s look at some quick and simple things you can do to help boost your brand loyalty, generate more engaged leads and ultimately convert more leads into customers.

How To Convert More Leads Into Clients

First thing to remember is put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

What does their day to day life look like? Is it hard for them to put aside the money that’s needed for your service? If it is, what can you do to make that easier for them?

When you answer those questions, it’s time to be empathetic and to show your leads and clients you actually do care.

Give Something First

There have been hundreds of studies that have shown people are more prone to give something to you if they received something first.

I always like to refer to Gary Vaynerchuk’s book “Jab, jab, jab, right hook”. The basic premise is to first give, give, give before you ask. (Side tangent: We mentioned Gary in our business experts to follow blog post)

Ok, but how can you use this principle in your everyday business life? Simple…

Consider giving out free samples to your customers. Whether it be a free hour of consultation or a free trial of your service or a sample pack of your products. Give your customers a chance to try out your product first. Give them some way to “taste-test” or “try before they buy”.

Not sure how this can be done in your business? Consider this example. Vervita sells high-end juicers to restaurants and kitchens in parts of Europe. They know their potential customers very well, and because of this, they send out a fully functional product to their interested potential customers for a 15 day trial.

They use their CRM to know who showed interest in their product and ship them their sample product NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Can you imagine? But you know what the most fascinating thing is?

They say, after doing this tactic, only 1 out of every 15 don’t buy their product. Being given free samples is not the only factor that enabled this, but we’ll cover those shortly

Trust your product, trust your customer, and give it a go.    

Group & Segment Your Customers

The second most crucial activity Vervita executed on was segmenting their customers (which simply means putting them into groups). And far from what you might think, they use an amazingly simple segmentation process.

They segment their customer by those who already bought their product and those who have shown interest. Pretty straightforward right?

They use a sales and workflow to track when someone reaches a point of showing interest, and they use order or sales history to track if someone has bought from them before.

Our customers, for example, do exactly the same thing. But they use Ninjodo to have this done automatically for them and in real-time.

At any moment, they can look and know exactly where a particular lead or customer is at, how they are segmented, whether they’ve bought from them or not, and what’s supposed to happen next.

Here’s a quick video on how a lead or customer would look you were managing them this way:


Once you start looking into segmenting, you’ll think of all sorts of ways to group and categorise your leads and customers, but as you saw here, you don’t need to over do it. In the end, it will really just come down to a couple of key segments to help you to know where to focus.

Take a look at how to manage your sales and workflows, after that start a free trial and give this technique a try.

Be Multi-Channel

Convert More Leads through Multi-channel communication

We all wish we had fewer emails to deal with, but there’s something that get’s lost when relying solely on the time-delayed, written word that is email.

Did you ever have an argument or misunderstanding with someone (maybe your spouse, a friend, heck even a customer) over chat, text or email, and then have it completely cleared up or resolved when you’re face-to-face or talking on the phone?

Furthermore, did you ever get an important email go straight to your spam folder? That happens often in your communications with clients.

Do whatever you can to move people into a real-time conversation.

Use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Live Chat on your site. Ideally though, just get leads on the phone as soon as you can. I’m sure you’ll agree you convert leads far better when you get to speak with them.

“But Simon, I have clients all over the world. It would be too costly to call all those people.”

Well so does Ninjodo. So how do we do it? Skype enables you to call landlines and smartphones all over the world for a ridiculously low fixed monthly fee!

And if you both have Skype, as we find many people do, you can even just call them for free. Not to mention have a video call or screen share if you want.

Sometimes the problem can’t be solved over email. But you also don’t have to be physically in front of the person either. Use your phone, video chat, messenger, LinkedIn, Facebook, whatever. Just don’t rely on only one method or channel.

Doing so will allow you to have more normal conversations with people and as such implement the next tip much better.

Feedback is King

One of the most important factors in the decision process of the seller is trustworthiness.

Do I trust this vendor enough with my hard earned money to deliver on what they are promising?

The most powerful tactic in your arsenal here is to have great social-proof in the form of testimonials and reviews. Whenever someone mentions you somewhere online, that can make or break you or at the very least your next sale.

Strive to have all positive (but honest) feedback and reviews on not just your website, but also Facebook, Google and LinkedIn (your profile).

Pro Tip: Monitor your mentions online to say thanks for the good guys and clear up any bad blood. You can use tools like Google Alerts, Mention.

Bonus Tips

One part of the customer journey that people don’t really think about from the customer’s perspective is payment.

Make it as easy as possible for people to pay you. Don’t just offer Paypal for example because it’s easy for you to set up. Not everyone uses or wants to use Paypal.

Always make sure you’ve got an additional alternative payment gateway like Stripe or Eway to accept credit cards and easily allow you to process refunds if needed.

If you’re really on the ball, look into accepting cryptocurrency such as BitCoin payments which is a huge untapped market.

Other than that make sure you’ve de-risked things for your customers. Offer as long a guarantee as you can and make sure you follow through if something fails. Vervita for example, gives a long 2 year guarantee for their products and it really pays off.

The beautiful thing is that you’ll rarely have to act on those guarantees (provided you’re not selling crap), but you present yourself as a considerably more trustworthy vendor to your potential clients and customers.

All of this helps you to become the feedback KING (or Queen for the ladies). Your customers in turn love you and won’t be able to hold their excitement about your company.

So what are some action steps you can do right now, to help put this stuff into play (don’t let the last 10mins go to waste!)

Action Items to Set Your Company Up For Success

First thing to do is to set up your procedures.

This is really annoying to hear when it’s just you. But as someone who recently went through onboarding two new team members, having some sort of systems and documentation in place really speeds up the process and requires less time from yourself in the training up process.

Action Item #1

Take answering the phone for example, always answer the phone in the same way eg. “Hi {CustomerName} it’s {My Name} from Ninjodo, how can I help you?”.

Action Item #2

Another place you can standardise things is through your email signature.

This is how it looks when you receive an email from me and it follows the same format when you receive an email from any Ninjodo team member.   

Convert More Leads with Email Signatures

Action Item #3

Send out something personal. Our eCommerce example VerVita sends out Happy New Years letter. What a way to stand out right?

Easy to do when you have a small client base though, but what happens when you get 100 or 1000? Well, they have a very clever way to handle this. By leveraging email templates.

Each template is personally written with a segment of their customers in mind. They are then able to have the right template go off to the right group when it’s time for them to receive. Using this method allows you to keep doing this activity as you scale, while still keeping things personalised.

The trick is to make sure you are not sending these from an email marketing tool like MailChimp. You want to make sure these emails are personal, i.e. they need to come from you directly and not be filtered into a spam folder with an unsubscribe link at the bottom.

In Ninjodo for example, you can send bulk emails to any segment or group of contacts you like, but the kicker is, the email is an individual email sent by you, from your mail server, so no chance of getting lost in spam or a marketing folder filter, PLUS with our open tracking feature, you can see if they’ve opened it or not and when.

Convert More Leads using Bulk Emailing and Open Tracking

This action item shows genuine care especially because you’re not asking for anything in return. You’re really just saying thank you for being you and wishing them a great year.

Action Item #4

Have some sort of referral or thank you program, and make it known.

To do this you will need to be able to know who refers you business, where a particular sale came from and who refers you the most.

I personally love this type of activity in a business because it helps set up more automated growth systems for you. Something I spoke about recently in The 3 Part Formula for Rapid Growth & Acceleration.

When you have this kind of data you can give out prizes and gifts to your most loyal clients and this, in turn, helps you get more referrals sent your way. It’s a win-win AND it compounds.

Think about influencers you know or who you follow that your close enough to be able to reach out and do this at scale.

You should find people who have a loyal following in the area/niche you operate in and approach them with your enquiry. Giving first is the principle to use here as well. You have a great upper hand if you have a great product to give away.

Send your product as a gift to the best influencer and in most cases they will share that experience with their peers and followers.

If not, you can address them directly and possibly even pay them for their services.

This is known as influencer marketing.

How to Use This in The Real World?!

Here’s the thing…

Too often after insightful content pieces that inspire action, we procrastinate. The actions steps we’ve discussed here have huge returns for very little time investment and I don’t want you to do anything else after this blog except to apply it immediately.

So rather than leave you to figure this out for yourself, we’ve created the Brand Loyalty Action Plan for you to download and follow for maximum results. Simply say “Yes” you want it below and it’s yours. You’ll immediately be sent the action plan, with 8 immediately actionable steps to help convert more leads into sales. 

So Where Do You Want To Be In 12 Months?

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Keep Doing What I'm Doing
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Implement The Action Plan

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Simon Ogilvie-Lee, Founder & CEO of Ninjodo.