Personally connect with leads and clients on autopilot.

Build lasting relationships

A good consistent process will almost always translate to more positive experiences. They may not always remember what you say, but they will remember how they feel.

  • Track activity and understand what's important 
  • Streamline project kick-offs and workflows
  • Spot trends and tailor messages to the right people

Collaborate and keep in sync

What makes a business experience memorable and recognised? A few key elements to help your business and your client collaborate better.


Have a consistent brand voice and service response and scale without losing quality.

Adjust response time

The right touch at the right time. Win and keep more clients.

Track Activity

See where and where clients reach out or clicks can give you insights to what their focus is.


Ensure you're always on the same page as your clients. Sync with mobile, email, social.

Hit the ground running

Ninjodo comes pre-loaded with a sales flow to get you going fast. Then plug into our B2BSchool community to get support and webinars for strategies and  tactics to take your business to the next level.

  • Sales Process workflow automation
  • Account managing automation
  • Support automation

“I have been able to provide my clients with some highly personalised post-purchase email sequences giving them lots of value and nurturing them… This has resulted in an outstanding level of client satisfaction and increase in word of mouth referrals.”

Annalise Skaroupka, Print and Party

woocommerce crm integration print and party

More Features

Automate Inbound Leads

  • Track engagement and responses
  • Get reminders for callbacks
  • Send targeted emails

Automated Outreach

  • Create long and short term campaigns
  • Send variations by tags
  • Give you leads a break, then re-engage

Automate Client Onboarding

  • Send welcome emails
  • Leverage Forms to gather info and files
  • Combine manual steps for higher touch

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