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10 Business Tools That are Not Market Leaders but Should Be

10 Business Tools That Are Not Market Leaders But Should Be Or how curiosity got me deep knowledge about useful tools. One day, me and our customer success champion (Mustafa) were talking about how there are some tools that deserve to be leaders in the market and are not market leaders yet for one reason […]

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Ninjodo Platform Update: More For People, Companies & Deals

New to Ninjodo? Click here to explore or start 14 day free trial Already a Ninjodo customer? Log in here and check out the release In this video we get to take a look at the release of the new People, Company & Deal list pages. This release continues the rollout of the new platform and […]

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Sales KPIs & Pipeline in Ninjodo

From Rockstar to Ninja: 8 Undiscovered Numbers That Will Turbocharge Your Sales

We all love it when we have a stella sales month, but wouldn’t it be great if you knew what made it happen so that you could predictably produce another stella sales month at will? You may have heard the phrase; “Know your numbers” and often people just assume that the only numbers worth knowing […]

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Will CRM Software Benefit My Business?

Your business continues to grow and your client base expands. That’s what you want from your business, right? Yet sometimes it’s a mad scramble to keep pace with the growth. There may be those of you who blankly stare when asked to identify where your growth will come from, what activities were successful in the […]

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Trends In Small Business Software

Trends in CRM Software – What They Mean for Your Business

Global Trends in CRM CRM software comes in all shapes and sizes, so knowing whether or not it’s right for you can be a daunting task. Thankfully our friends over at, Software Advice surveys thousands of organizations about their customer relationship management (CRM) software needs every year. In 2013 they spoke with U.S. buyers only […]

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