About us

We help SME professionals and store owners thrive in providing best experience to their audience.

We get a kick from seeing other businesses succeed

We started Ninjodo to unleash small business potential. Our bespoke CRM software assist professionals to completely change how their business operates. They can enjoy providing highly individualised services and refocus on achieving their goals.

Who are the ninjas?

Founded in 2013 in Australia, Ninjodo is a team of very multi-skilled, self-motivated professionals in the digital field. Having personally worked in digital agencis, B2B professionals and eCommerce ourselves, this helps us see things from a very holistic vantage point and as such allows us to work together and delivery fantastic results for our clients.

What we value?

We WIN when our clients’ CLIENT WINS. Every decision we make comes from this lens. It's not the right approach because "we" like it, nor is it the right decision because our "client" likes it, it's the right choice when THEIR CLIENT has the best experience. Seeing success and still also have a life? Stop dreaming and live it. We’re human afterall. Ninjodo does just that not just for the team but for all the users. It empowers us to be the pilot again.

“In 1 week has completely changed how my business operates… I have more time to focus on achieving my goals without being bogged down…”

Louise Hardman, B2B Consultant

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