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10 Super Ninja Ways You Can Find Any Email Address And Avoid Being Pushy At Sales

Let’s think about the major ways to communicate directly with your potential clients for a second. The first way is to cold call them and the second one is to email them. Cold calling has been around for a long time now and people have developed all sorts of issues with it.

Most business people have gatekeepers (someone who handles/intercepts their phone calls) whose job it is to ruthlessly cut you out. It’s really tough to get by them and if you do, you have an even bigger problem. That is people being repulsed instantly by you calling because it’s such an intrusion on their time.

We don’t want to get responses like these. Seinfeld illustrates this perfectly.

The issues with cold calling:

  • no one wants to do it
  • people don’t like being cold called
  • you waste time
  • often you feel rejected

You can even get into a downward spiral, get out of control till you feel frustrated and hopeless wondering how the hell you’ll find any new leads.

On the other hand, there’s email.

Email is hands down the single best way of business communication today. You can try and pitch your clients on the social networks, review sites, even in person. Nothing beats the email.

The most beautiful thing about email is that it’s not an intrusion on a prospective client’s time. The client can choose to ignore your email and read it whenever he/she wants to. And everybody loves a personal and nicely written email. Although it pays to be brief if we don’t know the person yet.

By starting with an email, you get to see who are the “low hanging fruit” and the people who are more willing to speak with you before you even speak to them.

It allows you to set a time to speak that works for both of you, and even gives you time to elevate your position before the meeting.

Then when you actually do speak:

  1. The person is expecting your call,
  2. They know who you are
  3. They have already expressed some interest in what you do or have to offer

Now wouldn’t that sales call go 100 times better than interrupting someone at a random time?

Email is useful for whatever you’re trying to accomplish with your business. Think about it, whether you want to get some new business with cold email outreach, get some networking opportunities or improve your marketing efforts, email is ideal for all of this.

Now, I know that it’s not perfect. Nothing is perfect. And the biggest pain in the ass with using email for sales and marketing is getting the email in the first place.

It’s easy when you know someone or they make an enquiry, but what about when you need to actually role up your sleeves and start bringing in some leads? What happens when you see your cashflow dwindling down and you decide it’s time to get proactive?

Sometimes I’ve spent hours searching for just one key email address. That’s not good by any standards.

Learning how to find someone’s email address is an incredibly useful skill. You can use it to:

  • Befriend Influencers
  • Get noticed by editors
  • Find new sales opportunities
  • Headhunt talented people
  • Skip the lower level employees and get straight to the decision makers

I could go on, but you get the point.

That’s why I’ve spent considerable time mastering this skill and I’m going to share everything I know with you. People will pay up to $200 for this kind of information. Hint: Just search “how to find any email address course”.

Well, we don’t want our Ninjas to spend money when it’s not needed, so we’re giving out years of mastering this skill for free. To be honest, searching for emails is where your Ninja instinct will show itself.

Ok, most of us think that ninjas are cool. Japanese black ninjas moving quietly through the night. But we’re lead to believe that they are often discovered or caught. So, I’m asking you this question: “What if there are many other ninjas, and the ones we know are just rubbish?”.

That might be true, and in that world, I would like to be the other kind of ninja. The kind that gets the job done no matter what.

That’s exactly what Ninjodo is all about and what you’ll get in today’s blog post. So, let’s get into it.

And remember, with great power, comes great responsibility. Don’t use these for anything unethical.

Contact Forms

The first one is pretty straight forward and yet so many people miss it.

The beauty is in the simplicity of it. For example, if you are searching for an email of a person who works in a small to medium sized company, you can get it right there on the company’s website contact form.

Just go into the “About us” section of their website and you’ll probably find an eligible way of contacting the company. Plus, more often than not, you get the email you need right then and there.

The first way is to take the written email address and the second one is to simply fill out their contact form. Be aware that these kinds of email addresses have the highest probability of getting read in a small company. Don’t do this if you need to contact some big company. You’ll just disappear with all the other requests.

Find email on contact us pageActually, website enquiry forms can be a bit tricky and you should know what you’re doing. Our latest blog post is about how to optimize website enquiry forms to get more leads, you can check it out here.

Important Email Tools

Email tools are what will make your life easier.

The following tools will make your life easier in terms of email scraping, email analytics, email campaigns and finding emails if you know a name and a company of the person you’re looking for.

The first tool I ever found out about from this category was EmailHunter and it was such a revelation. I was looking for email addresses of potential guest blogging opportunities and this tool easily saved me several hours just in that activity.

All you need to do is to put in the url of the company where your target works and it gives you a whole bunch of information about it.

Here is how it looks if you want to find an email from someone who works at ninjodo.

find email address with Hunter.ioNow, of course not all tools are created equal and you should try and find the one that works the best for YOU. Some of them are free, some are free with limited functionalities and some are commercial.

Even the ones that are commercial are not that expensive really. For example, is free for 150 searches a month. Their Starter plan is 49$ billing monthly and $39 billing yearly.

The Yearly plans have a 12-month commitment and a unique billing at the beginning of the plan and come with a 20% discount applied (this is why their price is different from the monthly plans).

The monthly plans can be used instead for just a month and they will renew each month unless you’ll cancel the subscription before the beginning of the new billing cycle.

Other tools you should test for this purpose: – finding email address from LinkedIn or AngelList. This tool is a simple to use email scraper for LinkedIn and AngelList. It even comes with a google chrome extension. You can capture the first 50 leads for free.find any email address with LeadIQ


VoilaNorbert – This is a powerful email tool to find and capture leads instantly. It has simple UX which makes it even better. Like with other tools you can get 50 leads for free, so try it out.find any email address using VoilaNorbert


Sellhack – enables you to find prospective leads, build lists and verify emails easily. With them you get 10 credits a month, but the tool itself is well worth the price and you can request a demo to see how it works for yourself.sales email address SellHack


Google Knows All – Search Tactics

Sometimes even the best email search tools fail you. This is especially the case with big companies and even with some medium sized companies.

The thing is that they are bombarded with hundreds of emails daily and they need to protect themselves from all the unnecessary clutter in their inbox. We need to understand this. But if we really, really, really, need to get to them here’s how to do it.

We all know that google is the most powerful search engine in the world and email search is where it will shine for you. I will give you two great tips for using Google for this purpose. These are 2 of the many, many Google search features that most people just don’t even know exist.

Usually, you will use these for people from a bigger company that have internal documents. Bigger companies will often publish their internal documents so other employees have easier access to them. The beauty of it is that they usually leave their information at the end of such documents. This is where we, as super ninjas, come to play.

1.) Site: website name + required information

This query is pretty simple but can give you powerful results. So when you identify the name of the person you’re searching for, the next step is to know where they work. You can find this out usually by searching for the person on LinkedIn. After that, you find out the exact website url of the company and put that into the above formula.

“Required information” part consists of person’s name plus “email”.

So if I wanted to find out the email address of Karen from “Succeed as your own boss“, the final search might be something like: “site: Karen email”

find any email address google searchBig shout out to Melanie(SmallBizLady), seriously, she can help your business like nobody else can. She’s been an inspiration for a long time. Check it out here

2.) Required information + filetype:PDF or filetype:Doc or filetype:xls

Often in my email prospecting, I needed to find addresses of some Vice president of Marketing or something like that.

This is what we call a super ninja tactic. People are rarely using this technique and it worked like magic for me. Once again this is great for people who own a B2B type business where they have to contact important people from bigger companies.

Whenever you’re stuck in finding an email address of someone from a bigger company this is the way to go. You will most definitely get what you’re searching for. The problem will occur if you need an email of a person from the same company who is not a decision maker. For that purpose check out the next way of finding email addresses.

Twitter Search

Twitter is definitely falling behind in its primary purpose. Other social media companies are crushing it and Twitter can’t seem to pick itself up. There are some things, though, in which Twitter is THE BEST social network.

Twitter is much more important than people think. A lot of big influencers are using Twitter as their primary social network and the sheer amount of data they have stored is amazing. When Twitter was coming up, people used to leave all sorts of private information right there in the open.

And why wouldn’t they, it was impossible to find it. But then Twitter rolled out the search option which turned out amazing for all the ninjas out there.

Out of all social networks, Twitter has the best search options. Period. Today, I’ll only mention the one I use to find email addresses. It’s pretty simple actually.

When you know a person you want to contact through email and some of the other methods failed you, just find their twitter handle. That’s the part behind the @ symbol.

After this, you go to your search and type in “from:(username without @) email”. That’s pretty much it. Let’s take Nick Loper for example. Nick Loper is an awesome entrepreneur who helps thousands of people over at I strongly suggest you go there and become a member of his tribe.

Anyways, if I were looking for his email on Twitter, here is how it would look.find email address using twitter search


Now you’ll see every Tweet that has Nick’s Twitter handle and the word “email”. The chances are that there was a time in the past where he mentioned his email for something. Everybody used Twitter for business back in the day, so there are millions of emails there up for grabs. You should just scroll down a little bit and voila.

find any email twitter searchThis kind of search will give you amazing results and to be honest, this is the most common way of finding email addresses for me.

Who Is Search

“Who is” is a query and response protocol that is widely used for querying databases that store the registered users or assignees of an Internet resource, such as a domain name, an IP address block, or an autonomous system but is also used for a wider range of other information. (Source Wikipedia)

That sounds uninteresting, right? Why would you want to use this site to find somebodies IP address block? The truth is we’re interested in the “wide range of other information” part of the definition.

This is actually a super ninja way of finding someone’s email address. The “Whois” search is especially effective for small business owners who have a website.
Now, how can you utilize it? You should first know the website of the business you wish to contact.

Let’s take Ninjodo for an example. You simply go the website and type Ninjodo’s URL in the search query.

find email address using WhoisThis query will bring you a whole spectrum of information about the URL you’ve put in. But, we’re most interested in this one.

find any email whoisAnd just like that, you have a working email. From there, you can do whatever you want with it. once again, be careful. With great power comes great responsibility.

Other Search Engines Which Focus Purely On People

Google is powerful, but it’s not almighty. There are plenty of other search engines that can help you with finding emails or finding information about people in general. If nothing so far works, try this out.

Here are some of the “go-to” search engines I’ve used before: Focuses on B2B Focuses on individual people from the United State Best small businesses search This is not a search engine per se, but it has cool search options and it can give you a lot of data. It’s like LinkedIn only simpler and connected to DACH region (Deutschland, Austria, Switzerland).

find any email address zoomInfo
Social Media Username Search

I want you to be aware that I used this method only once or twice. It’s so hard to go through all the steps above and not find the wanted email address. That being said this one’s great for when you target those “old-school” people who hide their email address so well. Mostly because they are not so active anywhere online.

This method is as accurate as the rest of them, but you’ll have success if you use it the following way. Here is what you do.

First, you need to find social media accounts of the person whose email you’re searching for. Then you should take their username. That usually looks something like this for Twitter ( and Facebook (

Now, you’ll take that username and add, or to it. After that, you go to and simply paste those three email addresses and see if any of them is valid.


So the following way of finding an email address is somewhat scary. It’s called and most of you have heard of it. Unfortunately, only the people from the USA have access to it, so if you’re from the USA and don’t use this site you’re in for a treat.

Everything I’m saying for this method comes from people’s reviews and they are amazing if I might add. With whitepages you get all sorts of information in one place. You’ll have to be a premium member, so this one is for the people who find A LOT of emails and information daily.

This website has a simple design, but it will give you everything you need.find email address Whitepages


Intelligent Guessing Plus Verifying

Alright, so we’re coming to an end here soon and I believe that you’ve found all the methods you need already, but on the off chance that you still didn’t find an email address you need, here are two more ways that will improve your chances.

Both of them are made for searching for a person within a particular company.

The fact is that most companies use a pattern to make their email addresses. If you needed an email from Ninjodo, all you need to do is to look at mine and Mustafa’s email address. Mine is and Mustafa’s is


So, an easy conclusion is that our email address pattern is

Now if you need to find an email address from somebody else, all you would need to do is type the person’s first name and then

After you’ve done this you go to and verify if the email address is valid.

You can do this for almost every company out there.

Email Matcher


The fact is that tools are emerging pretty fast and this is one that I just found out about the other day. It’s one of the most simple ones and I should probably put it on the number 1 spot. But, we’ll let it be the cherry on the top of our super-ninja cake.

Basically, all you need to do is go to this website and type in the name and the domain of the person’s company.

It’s amazingly simple and it’s completely free! You will love this tool.

Find email with Emailmatcher

The Conclusion

As always, we don’t want you to go without taking some concrete and useful action from our blog post.

The best way to implement something new is to take a small action and accomplish a small victory right away.

Think about whose email address is pretty important to you right now and go and search for it.

I suggest method number 10 as it’s the most simple of all ( After you’ve found the email address you needed go ahead and email them right away.

Don’t think about it too much. Procrastination is the biggest killer in life AND in business.


I realized there are two more AMAZING tools after publishing this blog post. They are definitely worth checking out. I’ve recently had a really tough email to find. Even my own tips didn’t work. That’s when I discovered these two: and

One more thing you should REALLY check out is our tool as it will help you with everything you need to know in your outreaching and managing emails.

So, you need to increase your sales – no problem. You need to effectively manage your contacts – no problem. Perhaps, you need to simplify your email – no problem. You need to get organized – no problem.

Sign up for your free trial today and see what these ninjas are all about.

About the Author

Simon Ogilvie-Lee, Founder & CEO of Ninjodo.